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In March 2020 we were well on our way up Africa for a once in a lifetime trip.

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, was the destination.  Tim was booked to film a malaria awareness documentary.  We were then going to see the gorillas, do a loop around Lake Victoria and head back to SA via the Serengeti, Zanzibar, Lake Malawi and Mana Pools.

Then the world fell apart.  We managed to get back into SA just before the borders closed, going through Beitbridge at 1:30 am the day of lockdown.

We decided to make the best of our plans being turned upside down, and sunk ourselves into the world of conservation. 2020 was hard and tumultuous but it turned out to be one of the best years of our lives.

We spent 8 months telling conservation stories in sa, helping raise over R150 000 for rhino conservation, launching our YouTube channel with beautiful vlogs/conservation stories/wildlife documentaries, as well as helping create awareness over the pangolin poaching crisis.

About Us
Tim hulme

A passionate traveler and conservationist, Tim has over fifteen years of experience as a photographer and film maker.  Tim has recently chosen to focus his passion on conservation and wildlife - a field in which he has already made an impact, with over 30 million views of his content produced for clients.

In the last 3 years Tim has walked with wild orang-utans in North Sumatra while shooting for deforestation awareness, he has dived wrecks from World War II in the Philippines while shooting about ocean plastic, and he has spent days under army escort in the Sahara Desert - to create a film exploring the effects and extent of plastic pollution in the most remote corners of the continent.

His vast range of experience and uniquely expert eyes have made him a highly sought after international expert.

Since 1984
bianca brombin

Bianca has been a leading figure in the modelling industry for over ten years, but her passion for the wild regions of Africa has pushed her to leave her old career behind and boldly move into wildlife photography. 

Her distinctive look, confident style, and ability to bring elegance and drama to any shoot, haD seen her travelling the globe for various campaigns and editorials.  Bianca has graced the pages of Marie Claire, Glamour, Woman & Home, Elle Magazine, Wanted, Gracia, Essentials, Fractice, Telva, HUF and many others.

Bianca is an expert at social media, and understands the very latest trends and algorithms.  She has put together social media strategies for a number of the top lodges and reserves in Africa.

Since 1993
our aims!

2020 could have been the worst year of our lives, but we discovered a hidden purpose, and now all we want to do is use 2021 to tell overlanding and conservation stories from across Africa.

We believe there is magic in the world, you just have to go out and find it.

We are proud Africans and want to share the beauty of Africa with the world.

We also believe that the documentary film making space is overdue a disruptor.  Technology has advanced so much that we are able to produce work of the highest quality, working out of our car (Jabari), with a team of only two,  on a fraction of the budget that used to be required to produce anything near this level.  Besides the budget, the format allows us to get intimate access that a traditional film crew would never get.

Short term we aim to bring documentary quality production into the wildlife/conservation/overlanding YouTube space!

Long term we want to create a travel series for a major broadcast partner.

Our aims are big, but are matched by our determination.

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This is just a brief highlight of what is going on over at YouTube.  We are definitely going to be updating the YouTube more frequently than this website, so please head over there to take a look!

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